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Playstal is a small video game company. Our idea is to make you enjoy all of them.

Thank you very much for your support.

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Portal Maze 2 - Aperture spacetime jumper games 3d

Other Portal App is an offline and online single-player first-person logic video game. The game mainly consists of a series of puzzles that must be solved by teleporting the character and simple objects using the 3d plazed jumper, a device that can create interspatial portals between two flat surfaces.

Battle of Carcasonne:Free Online Board Games

Welcome to the board game of the battle for Carcassonne, a multiplayer board game both offline and online, in 3D, your goal is to conquer the city and create a medieval city.

This version of Carcassonne is an awesome top interactive tactical board game, both to play with friends online and also to play offline, alone against the AI.

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Fort Battle Royale - 3D FPS Shooter deathmatch

Welcome to the online game Battle Royale arena, now also for kids. A mobile edition FPS Shooter style game with a Pixel Battleground focus. It’s free to play as a team or in team death match. One of the team-based multiplayer shooter games, an epic death match where survival in multiplayer mode is very difficult. The last one standing wins. Explore the maps, use snipers in these online games, experience epic 4vs4 deathmatch shoot and get rewards, powers and loads of characters. Ready?

Idle Dig Dungeons - Crawler RPG Skilling Tycoons 2

Welcome to Idle Skilling Dig Dungeon Crawler Tycoon! The only idle clicker game that rewards pure exploitation by digging and fighting with graveyard warriors!

Live like a true adventurer in this idle/incremental tap game, you will manage your warriors/workers to dig and click in the beautiful unexplored lands, caverns and dungeons and the graveyard. Earn gold and upgrade your digging tools, number of warriors and earnings to dig and conquer faster.

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Roller Splash : Splashty ball paint & roll the sky

Welcome to the puzzle game Addictive Splash, roller endless puzzle. Roll and splash over the colourful maze.

Playing is very simple, slide your finger, roll the ball and complete levels. Enjoy this endless puzzle game to roll in paint mazes. You know Roller splashy! Splashy

Idle Clothes Empire: Industry Manager Tycoon Games

Idle Clothes Company Empire is a simulation tycoon game. Your objective is to build and manage a textile clothing factory. You will control the management, the employees and the development of the clothing and accessories factory.

Automate your factory, be an idol manager game tycoon textile stylized and increase your income in this idle fashion show, it’s much better than a business simulators games with employees clicker casual online! Be the Rise of New Business with Idle Fashion Factory Robot Tycoons Incremental Simulator Casual Game 2.

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Avoid the black ball: Slide, bump 3d escape

Your newest addiction comes in 3D! Very easy to play, very hard to master.

Don’t touch other colours, that’s all! Over 100 levels of unlimited fun! Hold down the square to avoid the black ball and complete the lvl, collect the green tiles, watch out for the obstacles!

The Stack Tower : Ball Fall game 3d stick blocks

The Stack Tower : Stock Fall balls game with 3d Ballers: jump to blocks is the latest big hit of free games android Ball Blast and enjoy with the Fall Ball.

Vintage arcade game of classic ball bashing for two players or more. This is a game with graphic style as the most fun game of all time. It has very nice 3d graphics, HD version for all mobile devices. stock Fall balls and destroy blocks!

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